Delphi vs Java

The Department of Basic Education recently released a circular stating that the programming language for Information Technology will be standardised to Delphi from 2014. Currently some provinces teach Java, an open source programming language while others teach Delphi. Delphi is a programming language based on Pascal which incorporates object-orientation and

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2013 IT PAT

So another year and another new PAT theme. The 2013 PAT theme is centered around a registration and voting process with possibly a random selection feature. The wording in the PAT guidelines is “The learner is expected to write a program that could be used to manage one of the

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Unpacking the 2012 PAT

The theme presented for the Information Technology Practical Assessment Task (PAT) for 2012 had some learners groaning about a boring theme. There are, however, opportunities for creative programs within the theme if one starts digging a little deeper. In fact many opportunities exist for “advanced” programming if one starts adding

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2012 Grade 12 Practical Assessment Task

The 2012 Grade 12 PAT appeared on the Eastern Cape Exams Website on 29 October at This is the earliest we’ve seen the Information Technology PAT released for the following year which certainly helps in planning for your learners’ projects next year. The PAT is available here. Update 11/11/11:

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Web Design in Grade 10

With the new CAPS implementation from 2012 for Information Technology, we see the introduction of web design into the curriculum. This is a very pleasing move as there is a shift in industry to move many applications online because the ease of cross-platform use as well as the advantages of

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