Web Design in Grade 10

With the new CAPS implementation from 2012 for Information Technology, we see the introduction of web design into the curriculum. This is a very pleasing move as there is a shift in industry to move many applications online because the ease of cross-platform use as well as the advantages of having content in the “cloud” for security and backup reasons.

A new page introducing web design and HTML is available here to introduce your learners to the principles of web design.

2 comments on “Web Design in Grade 10
  1. Shaun Roselt says:

    I am grade 10 now and we haven’t learned html yet, neither have the previous grade 11’s and 12’s. I already know html. It is easy. Bt our school doesn’t teach us it.

  2. Aliya khan says:

    shaun Roselt its your own duty not Your school Responsibility to teach you every thing that You need in practical life.

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