2012 Grade 12 Practical Assessment Task

The 2012 Grade 12 PAT appeared on the Eastern Cape Exams Website on 29 October at www.ecexams.co.za/2011AssInstructions.htm. This is the earliest we’ve seen the Information Technology PAT released for the following year which certainly helps in planning for your learners’ projects next year. The PAT is available here.

Update 11/11/11: The DBE has now listed all PATs officially on their website at http://www.education.gov.za/Curriculum/PATS/PATS2012/tabid/681/Default.aspx

24 comments on “2012 Grade 12 Practical Assessment Task
  1. regaogetswe says:

    i have been trying to do my grade12 pat but so hard to start by investigations so please help a sister out

  2. Zannelle says:

    A little clue on how to start tuuu!!!

  3. Givenchy says:

    Can someone email me phase 2 its due in a weeks time

  4. Sly says:

    2013 pat is fun

  5. anele says:

    Can anyone please help me with phase one of da PAT I don’t knw were 2 start

  6. Morebodi says:

    Can someone give me a clue on how 2 start, I’m totally lost and I hv 2 submit it on the 21st of February

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  8. Thato Oratile Pitlele says:

    Can someone please help me with my Practical Application Task?snappy please guys

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  11. Joy says:

    Can someone email me the pat

  12. khutso says:

    Can anyone help me about PAT pls

  13. khutso says:

    Email pls

  14. Maboy says:

    sup,nerds…help me out with my PAT please i gotta do phase on Financial systems. hala a brother yall

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  15. Magolide says:

    i need help with my PAT its about water conservations and shortages……please help me out with Phase 1 and its due on the 18th of March

  16. Aakil says:

    Hi I need a pat

  17. Aakil says:

    Hi I need a pat 2017

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