2013 IT PAT

So another year and another new PAT theme. The 2013 PAT theme is centered around a registration and voting process with possibly a random selection feature.

The wording in the PAT guidelines is “The learner is expected to write a program that could be used to manage one of the following:
• An election process
• A competition to identify a winner

Popular options for this theme will no doubt be programs designed to manage music competitions and sport events. This post is to add some feature ideas to these options.

This theme lends itself to a nice set of Internet related features as well as other external features. Featuring network connectivity is an obvious one but the program could also create a webpage interface allowing users to enter information that is stored in the database. This could be done by generated HTML. A central database is key with the program needing to be well designed in order to manage incoming data from a number of clients.

Another option is to make use of mobile devices in a voting process. This could include special apps written to submit data or be as simple as sending an email with the user’s chosen options for later processing.

A Grade 12 IT PAT must display advanced programming skills, database developement and good graphical user interface design in order to achieve an excellent result. These should always be kept in mind when planning and investigating a proposed software. The theme again lends itself to a database driven application and so care should be taken by learners that they incorporate enough features to attract marks in all sections of the Phase 3 rubric.

Download 2013 PAT

29 comments on “2013 IT PAT
  1. Bongani says:

    I look forward to tackling this multi-dimensional theme… I hope I could always get help here, whenever I encounter difficulties.

  2. Argon Poorun says:

    Hey I’m really struggling with determining the scope of my program for phase 3. It would really help me if someone could provide an .exe file of a past pat or a really good Pat that I could use as a benchmark. I do really well in IT and am prepared to go all out for a 90% on phase 3 and an example would really help! Just the .exe file .

  3. Timothy says:

    Hi there I am finished with my PAT and I would really like to know what is meant by “borrowed code”.

    • Donovan says:

      Hi Tim

      The borrowed code section means that you can use other code samples discovered on the Internet etc up to the percentage defined in the rubric provided you give credit.

    • Sumith says:

      This is my first time using this website,which I find very useful so far. I have some examples of borrowed code in my Info Tech Text Book,Could you please assist me
      in doing my phase 3?

      • Bongani says:

        Please I need help here my friend to my PAT I’m doing grade 12 this year and I didn’t get it anyway I’m stack on PHASE1 but on PHASE2 I’m ok 3 only, help me my friends

        I’m Bongani Mlambo from KZN at Mtubatuba

  4. austin moodley says:

    i used sample pats copied code in different sections and frames,which was really helpful and am currently experiencing problems with my update and add, however i am now stuck.

  5. jacqueline says:

    I need more information on PAT

  6. gerelize coetzee says:

    i realy need help for phase 2& 3 please i need help.

  7. gerelize coetzee says:

    i realy need help for phase 2&3 please i need help

  8. Elzano says:

    will someone in here please upload there PAT for me please

  9. Tanswill Cupido says:

    its great and love the PAT for GR 11

  10. Angela says:

    My son would like to do IT next year for Grade 10, but would have to do as an extra subject, as his school does not offer this subject. Where can I get the curriculum & guidelines, etc to help him.

  11. Delon Naidu says:

    I’m thinking of doing IT next year but the work seems too difficult for me(I do, however, do very well- all my marks for the year were a 7, but I guess by standards that aren’t unbeleivably easy I’m a high 6-decent 7 student). I’m doing Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and IT(if not, accounting; if accounting is not offered, geography. I’m also doing 2-3 extras(Geog, History and MAYBE Business Studies). Do you think, taking into consideration my other subjects and their workload, my interest in learning to do these things, and the short-span(3 years) in which for me to learn these things, that I will manage a Level 6/7 pass? I’m a really eager student(I have a deep need for knowledge) XD

  12. muneeb says:

    confusion hi confusion he solution ka pata nahi…….commit suicide

  13. muneeb says:

    murgi jaane ande ka Bhai kya hoga, life milegi ya tave par fry hoga, koi na jaane apna future kya hoga

  14. muneeb says:

    to hot ghuma sitti Baja sitti Baja kar bol bhaiya all eez vell.

  15. Philip Swift says:

    I am a freelancing British IT Engineer and tutor based in Pinelands, Cape Town. I am ITIL foundation qualified and a member of the Chartered Institute for IT (UK) and have over 25 years experience in SME and Enterprise IT. I have been asked by pupils and parents to look at a focused tutor programme to compliment the current curriculum for Grade 11 PAT 2014; mainly practical. There are various reasons why pupils feel the need to help and a ‘leg-up’ the ladder of learning. If you have any comments, concerns or can tell me about your situation it would really help get the data I need to form lesson plans and a programme of IT to offer pupils and parents within SA for face-to-face or distance learning.
    The programme has just started at R300 per hour with discounts for bulk buying. Focus is currently on Grade 11 PAT 2014 – Practical Assessment Task with keywords being GUI, SQL, coding, Netbeans, acronyms, geocaching, latitude and longitude,
    Please email me on phil.swift@eecom.co.uk or call me on 0616842205 if you have questions, want to know more or can tell me your or your child’s story with IT and schooling.

    Many thanks, Phil

  16. Shaun Roselt says:

    Hi. I’m grade 10 and busy with my 2014 IT PAT. It needs to be submitted on 10 November which is next week. I’m using Delphi XE6. Am I allowed to use this version of Delphi? Since our school uses Delphi 2010.

  17. I would like help in my PAT since im struggling wth phase 1 plz help

  18. Bongi says:

    I need help for my pat im stuck on phase 1….my topic is about health …im doing grade 12

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