Information Technology is contains a large practical component of which the majority is Java programming. This is a large part of Solution Development section of the IT curriculum.

Java is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language which means that it is designed to model real-world objects and scenarios. It can also handle graphics and user interfaces and can be used to create stand-alone applications or applets which are small applications embedded in web pages. Java is built to run on its own software platform called the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This allows it to be operating system independent so it is very portable and useable across many different types of systems.

In Java we distinguish between applications, which are programs that perform the same functions as those written in other programming languages, and applets, which are programs that can be embedded in a Web page and accessed over the Internet. Our initial focus will be on writing applications. When a program is compiled, a byte code is produced that can be read and executed by any platform that can run Java.

Java is primarily designed as an Internet programming language and its most common use is in the form of applets that are embedded in web pages.