Sudoku is a numbers game which involved 9 grids of 9 cells.

In order to solve the game, every 9 cell grid must contain all the numbers from one to nine only once and each column and row across the entire board must also contain all the numbers from one to nine only once.

The problem is solved when the above condition is true.

Your task:

  • Design a program in Java so that the user can play the game of Su doku.
  • Your program should allow the user to choose between 3 levels of play: easy, moderate and difficult. A way to do this could be to create 3 different text files with Su doku boards of a particular difficulty.
  • Your program should be able to test if the user’s solution is correct and a good feature to have in your program would be the ability to provide the user with hints to help them solve the puzzle if they so desire.
  • Your program should also offer a high scores section which allows different users to enter their name and be kept in the high scores list if they make the top ten of number of puzzles solved.
  • Your object design and overall design is crucial. First plan on paper before you start any coding. There are a number of different ways this can be programmed and there is no write or wrong way, provided that your object design is correct.
  • You will be required to make use of a swing interface to play the game. Make use of menus to change the options.

Excel Version of Sudoku


Text Files with Sudoku Boards (One Board per line)

PDF Sudoku Boards