Unpacking the 2012 PAT

The theme presented for the Information Technology Practical Assessment Task (PAT) for 2012 had some learners groaning about a boring theme. There are, however, opportunities for creative programs within the theme if one starts digging a little deeper. In fact many opportunities exist for “advanced” programming if one starts adding notable features.


The learner is expected to write a program that could be used as an information system by the staff and/or visitors at any nature-oriented tourist attraction in South Africa


A topical issue at present is the problem of poaching so there is scope for software which will aid the discovery of poachers so that they can be dealt with. A program could plot on a map, all data of poaching to date in a particular area and attempt to highlight hot spots and times when poaching may occur. The program could notify rangers of possible poaching attempts.

A botanical gardens scenario could see a program displaying images and detailed information of plants within areas of a botanical garden. The program could also include a game for correct guessing of plant types or names making the experience of identifying plants more interesting.

The outdoor nature of the theme also provides the opportunity for a mobile component of the program. With the Java Mobile Development Kit (Java ME) it is just as easy to develop an application for a Java enabled device as it is to create a desktop Java program. An “advanced” program could use the network sockets to connect a mobile version of the application to the desktop application in order to retrieve data and images from the Microsoft Access database.  This idea could be taken to almost any application developed within this scenario.

10 comments on “Unpacking the 2012 PAT
  1. Can You please enlighten me on which tasks to give my Grade 12 and Grade 11 IT learners

  2. Shaish says:

    Hi…. I am busy working on my PAT and I’ve chosen to do a program that provides visitors with information about the plants in the Free State National Botanical Gardens.

    I was hoping if you could give me some ideas for this program. Eg how to include complex code and data structures. I’m using Delphi 7 for my PAT.

    Any help will be much appreciated

  3. thobelani says:

    hai im Thobelani and im busy with my PAT phase two for grade 12 and i realy dont knw where to start since our teacher is explaining but stil i dnt understand. our PAT is about how are we going to promote tourist in our local community. diagram, story board, mind map and calculations are needed to finish up ths PAT, please help me out

  4. Alida Wienand says:

    Hi there

    My son needs help with IT PAT phase one and phase two. He is in grade 10 at the moment where can we get some clear step for step help that is easy to understand for him and perhaps in Afrikaans?

  5. lerato says:

    hi thobelani im in grade 12 and im stucked wth phase 1 pat could u please help me

  6. bulela says:

    i do not understand

  7. ellen says:

    hi realy dont know how to do the grade 12 pad please can someone help

  8. ellen says:

    please help with grade 12 pad

  9. Michelle says:

    Need help with Gr 10 IT Pat. Don’t know where to start.

  10. Cindy says:

    My son is in grade 11 and is struggling with the very last part of phase 3 of his PAT (LAN evening): database manipulation. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could assist him.

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